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The safety, well-being, and protection of our employees, contractors, and company assets are the foundation on the which Pennhills Resources conducts its business. Pennhills' goal is to have zero incidents that harm people, the environment or put our company facilities at risk. Our commitment to a zero-incident workplace is founded on the following principles​:

  • Fostering a safe work culture
  • Providing the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to work in a responsible manner​
  • Identification, assessment, and communication of the potential risks in all areas of operations
  • Driving continuous improvement

Pennhills believes and takes serious the Safety of our employees and the stewardship of the Environment in which we operate. We strive every day to develop a culture where a zero incident, injury free work place is normal business.

Safety & Loss Prevention​​​

Environmental & Health

Pennhills focuses on educating our employees & contractors to ensure full compliance to all health, safety, and environmental/regulatory standards. Our commitment is based on the following principles:

  • Compliance with all laws, regulations and company HSE policies and participate in the development of new laws, regulations, and technologies
  • Full evaluation of environmental & safety risks at the onset of each operation including design, construction, operation and restoration of all properties and facilities.
  • ​Prompt response and investigation into all environmental & regulatory incidents that may arise during operations
  • Assessment and adaptation to HSE risks related to past and present operations