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Pennhills Resources, LLC

An Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company

Pennhills Resources is a privately held independent exploration and production operating company with strong, local ties to the Appalachian basin. We are located near Bradford, Pennsylvania where we continue to explore and produce oil and gas properties within the conventional and unconventional reservoirs throughout the Appalachian Basin.

Pennhills currently owns and operates over 250 miles of midstream assets, 1,400 producing conventional and unconventional wells, spanning across our 200,000 acre footprint. From 1,400 legacy wells, Pennhills produces nearly 100,000 bbls of crude oil and 1.5 BCF of natural gas each year. Staffed with a complete technical and operational team, Pennhills continues to evaluate and explore new areas, managing and operating all aspects of our exploration, development, and production operations. Pennhills maintains an active drilling program where we apply the latest technologies borne from shale development to our conventional and unconventional assets. ​​